I met LazarBeam and kept insulting him...

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TommyInnit, LazarBeam and Vikkstar explore Dream's Minecraft Server. It was insane.
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Today on Dream's Minecraft Server, TommyInnit Speaks To LazarBeam (I am TommyInnit). This was super funny and we had lots of laughs as Tubbo and Wilbur Soot came and laughed along with me and Lazar Beam. I actually think Lazar Beam is not funny or cool or awesome or nice, in contrast to a man like GeorgeNotFound from the Minecraft Manhunt Funny videos. Me and LazarBeam seem to have a similar relationship to BadBoyHalo who I swore EVEN MORE at BadBoyHalo... recently I did. I hope MrBeast Gaming sees this video and joins the Dream SMP. God I love my brain and swearing I love Swearing at Funny People too.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is LazarBeam and TommyInnit on the Dream SMP! POG CHAMP!!!!!

Robloxian_Gaming Time siden
I still find him annoying after 8 months \
game child
game child Dag siden
JRDC FLOWZ Dag siden
tommyinnit is so stupid he doesn't know what an Austrian is lmao Jk he best
· Gacha Samm ·
· Gacha Samm · Dag siden
Tommyinnit: thank u guys for 3 mil subs me:Checks subscriber and date
alex Dag siden
Me: seeking the serverrules Also me : a red head (dyed), and austrian
Cheezy80sGaming 2 dager siden
3mill? 3MILL ITS AT 9 MILL!
SuggglyPlayz 2 dager siden
Gday mate
Gautam Vijay
Gautam Vijay 2 dager siden
rupees is indian money currency
MrblueberryGaming69 2 dager siden
Tommyinnit: it would be alright if you're not Australian Every Australian viewer: unsubs
loganwasit 2 dager siden
Tommy Lannan u and me all love the queen and u two are my fav NOwindow and I aussie
MCU_Rasiel0906 3 dager siden
im austrian😭😭😭
Lily M
Lily M 3 dager siden
Try to get 100000billion subs
ThatOneKidYT 3 dager siden
3:24 is that racist?
ThatOneKidYT 2 dager siden
@ItzTimrs_ k
ItzTimrs_ 2 dager siden
he is joking lmao he aint racist
lolgozoomer 3 dager siden
Does tommy have merch
Natsumi 4 dager siden
8:08 immediately asks Sam if hes got drugs LMFAOO💀💀
Blake Nisbet
Blake Nisbet 4 dager siden
Tommy don’t be a idiot Australians and lazarbeam are great
Riley McDonnell
Riley McDonnell 4 dager siden
this is recorded on a potato
Sami Zee.
Sami Zee. 4 dager siden
jess louise
jess louise 4 dager siden
bad day to be a ginger lol
Nick Garcia
Nick Garcia 4 dager siden
your annoying
Caitlin 4 dager siden
My grades before getting into mcyt: 📉 My grades after getting into mcyt: 📈
Bel bel
Bel bel 5 dager siden
I am unsubscribing, I am Australian
Rektikal 5 dager siden
You disrespecting my fav NOwindowr I unsub
Chesie macgowan
Chesie macgowan 5 dager siden
Lazar: very consontrated streams Tommy: Thx I've NEVER been complimaeted by an Australian before ME: YOUR STREMES ARE GREAT AND LOVE THE VIDS. HAPPY NOW
Lachomeister __
Lachomeister __ 5 dager siden
Lazar is a whole ten years older then tommy
Lachomeister __
Lachomeister __ 5 dager siden
I love tommyinnit but I’m Australian so he hates me
SlimyTiny 5 dager siden
Poor lazar :(
Ashlee Skye
Ashlee Skye 5 dager siden
All the Australians watching this 🙃 (I'm Australian)
Neil Animation
Neil Animation 5 dager siden
I always lov ur vids
Thelma Samson
Thelma Samson 5 dager siden
Tommyinnit: you are Australian so your bad Me:is that racism?
Andy Whyte
Andy Whyte 5 dager siden
as much as I dislike lazarbeam for starting "jason is proud of you", I think he didn't deserve that
TK Kermit
TK Kermit 6 dager siden
William Afton
William Afton 6 dager siden
Imagine having nearly 2Mil more subscribers than my country population
Lobri 6 dager siden
Damn.. us austrians are gonna take over l'mannburg!
•dem Lemonz•
•dem Lemonz• 6 dager siden
Don’t you just love it when your Australian and you got tommy over here going ‘it would be better if you weren’t Australian’ even though I think lazarbeam is scared of him I would pick him over tommy
Nathagames 6 dager siden
Just because of this video I like Tommy less
Nathagames 6 dager siden
This is because Lazarbeam is my favorite NOwindowr
INFINITE_Charted 6 dager siden
Sam goes from “yes I have drugs I have drugs take them all” to a damn warden
CheekiBreeki YT
CheekiBreeki YT 7 dager siden
Why is tommy so FUNNY
Spencer Elliott
Spencer Elliott 7 dager siden
tommy why are yo making fun of my favorit youtuber
umut9830 umut9830
umut9830 umut9830 7 dager siden
I met Lazarbeam on among us-
Cyphen Rozulus
Cyphen Rozulus 7 dager siden
And they said birds of a feather stick together. Why does Tommy hate Lannan again?
Future Trunks
Future Trunks 7 dager siden
Racist but still good
Bugboi 8 dager siden
tommy i hate you now lazarbeam is my fav youtuber and you were just mean to him!!
Eli Contreras
Eli Contreras 7 dager siden
Mini Boss Gamez
Mini Boss Gamez 8 dager siden
Lazarbeam is my fav youtuber
•Shadow Bunny•
•Shadow Bunny• 8 dager siden
Do you think Tubbo_ is better than me? *Y E S*
Kai Doherty
Kai Doherty 8 dager siden
Erin Fagan
Erin Fagan 8 dager siden
How did Tommy go from 3 mil in december 2020 to nearly 9 million in may 2021...5 months
Jack Gorenstein
Jack Gorenstein 8 dager siden
Yo I am not even lying NOwindow literally unsubscribed me 😬
Aaron Valeska
Aaron Valeska 8 dager siden
Wilbur just got into the voice chat so casually I love it
Kirra Doyle
Kirra Doyle 8 dager siden
as an Australian i feel attacked
MK Arts and Crafts
MK Arts and Crafts 8 dager siden
It’s sad how many people disliked this video I thought it was good 😌
Swaggy Sam
Swaggy Sam 8 dager siden
Tommyinnit 5 months later has gained over 5 million subscribers. As Lazarbeam says “ What a bloody legend.”
Jenn Yelton-Dobson
Jenn Yelton-Dobson 9 dager siden
ChefZack X
ChefZack X 9 dager siden
3:22 This is why I hate Tommyinnit. He's racist.
Alex Gamer
Alex Gamer 9 dager siden
How did you die?
l am boared
l am boared 9 dager siden
Pakistani currency is rupees tommy
LOR WEI HAO Moe 9 dager siden
Good job Tommy
Lukas stojcevski
Lukas stojcevski 9 dager siden
Am Australian
Kyndall & Duncan
Kyndall & Duncan 9 dager siden
these f***ing videos are the best man
Colin Stack
Colin Stack 10 dager siden
Tommy I’m subbed and still find u annoying
Adam Crabtree
Adam Crabtree 10 dager siden
i love that tommy is racist against australians lol
Adam Crabtree
Adam Crabtree 10 dager siden
tommy: shows vik his house also tommy: your gonna move in lmao
Eisa Shah
Eisa Shah 10 dager siden
Me subscribe
The gay-mers
The gay-mers 10 dager siden
Tommy at the start of every vid: most new viewers find me realy annoying Me: wait what I gues I’m not most then
Balian Humphrys
Balian Humphrys 10 dager siden
I’m Australian
MINH TRI HA 10 dager siden
it vietnam
Mario Something
Mario Something 12 dager siden
Tubbo : I'ma go get some apple pie. Tommy : no there's no time for apple pie cause vic is alive. Tubbo : Vic has been alive since we've been born, there's always time for apple pie. Me : Words spoken from a truly wise man.
Joeseline Turell
Joeseline Turell 13 dager siden
guys watch this magic trick! U N S U B S C R I B E D
You little shmuck
You little shmuck 13 dager siden
4months later hits 8mill
NADINE BEUKES 13 dager siden
Hi that is very funny busy sorting and they have been very funny believe that we will have like nine for nine favourite NOwindowrs thank you
darkness 13 dager siden
4 months later he has almost 9 million sub's Absolutely legendary
Justin and Jazper
Justin and Jazper 13 dager siden
Imagine mrbeast did I new challenge that is when you subscribed to someone youtubers subscribes to their fans bruh
Dr Franticaus
Dr Franticaus 14 dager siden
Tommy shamed my country so i have to shame him back sorry Tommy but if you weren't British you wouldn't be as annoying but as i said earlier sorry
0qhxl1sm. 14 dager siden
What would u do if I spammed you??🌚
Vrisan Karthikeyan
Vrisan Karthikeyan 14 dager siden
rupees are cheap 70 rupees = 1$ I am indian
Miribane Iljazi
Miribane Iljazi 14 dager siden
Hal Bailey
Hal Bailey 14 dager siden
Bit pissed Tommy's insulting one of my countrymen but if you're not from the the uk you're impure in the eyes of tommy
Mindy Gallup
Mindy Gallup 14 dager siden
Henry Whiting
Henry Whiting 15 dager siden
13:27 lazar shoulda said. You don’t get complemented by many people so that’s why
Death Joy
Death Joy 15 dager siden
I’m ginger Tommy:(
R4NI3L95 15 dager siden
Haters: Tommyinnit sucks Me: *pulls out an rpg* What di yo say???
Imacowmoo Frickthatveganteacher
Imacowmoo Frickthatveganteacher 14 dager siden
@R4NI3L95 you made a comment knowing people can reply so stfu
R4NI3L95 15 dager siden
@Imacowmoo Frickthatveganteacher ur more cringe so sthu its my own comment make your own
Imacowmoo Frickthatveganteacher
Imacowmoo Frickthatveganteacher 15 dager siden
IAMINURHOUSE123 15 dager siden
Excuse me, Aussie's are elite in every way
Slavko Sarenac
Slavko Sarenac 15 dager siden
Actually it’s 8mill subs
sun bro7
sun bro7 16 dager siden
Still annoying
Chayce Walker
Chayce Walker 16 dager siden
10:50 the apple pie is the food of the gods Tommy, if you refuse the pie you shall go to hell.
ɪʟᴜᴠᴠᴄʜɪᴄᴋᴇɴɴ ɴᴜɢɢᴇᴛss
ɪʟᴜᴠᴠᴄʜɪᴄᴋᴇɴɴ ɴᴜɢɢᴇᴛss 16 dager siden
Not sub
Kobie Haywood
Kobie Haywood 16 dager siden
Australians arent that bad
Is Me, Taylah
Is Me, Taylah 16 dager siden
But I'm Australian.... :(
J_ B10X
J_ B10X 16 dager siden
i disliked and un subbed cuz u made fun of aussies
Rainbowgamer 16 dager siden
Hmm yes 3mill
Qas 1123
Qas 1123 17 dager siden
Am I the only one who doesn’t get the racist bit?
Dex Lywood
Dex Lywood 17 dager siden
Lol he got in 4 months 5 million subs
Cxpsule 17 dager siden
Me watching when he has 8.5m subs...
Raz Rhyder0911
Raz Rhyder0911 17 dager siden
Common tomy gust because he’s Australian you don’t like him that’s messed up
Raz Rhyder0911
Raz Rhyder0911 17 dager siden
Elnur Novruzov
Elnur Novruzov 17 dager siden
Sebastian Mendoza
Sebastian Mendoza 17 dager siden
Tommy why are mean to lazerbeam?
The Gaming King
The Gaming King 17 dager siden
I’m role-playing as you
filp rip
filp rip 17 dager siden
should i unsubscribe
filp rip
filp rip 17 dager siden
if Tommy was white would he not like black
Ninja is the funniest minecraft player ever
I swore EVEN MORE at BadBoyHalo...
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