I Spoke To Dream's Mom

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Today TommyInnit speaks to the Real Life Mom of Dream in Minecraft. This was insane.

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Edited by Tommy + Big Man Editor Larry ( @TalentLacking )


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Today Me and Dream have lots of laughs on the Dream SMP and I even speak to his Real Life Mom! Now, although this isn't a Vlog like I met Wilbur Soot in Real Life, I do speak to Dream's REAL LIFE Mother. It was so funny, fun, and crazy! POG CHAMP!!!!!

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is Dream and I starting a group! POG CHAMP!

Ari Ferrari
Ari Ferrari Time siden
U should like flirt with dreams sister in front of him and see how he reacts
Ahmed Ezzat
Ahmed Ezzat 5 timer siden
look i am gonna say somthing about tommy and dream oh adult adult oh sir sir
Saitone 6 timer siden
Khalil Jibran
Khalil Jibran 7 timer siden
7:37 dream says YAY like a Manchild (dream pls reply)
Khalil Jibran
Khalil Jibran 7 timer siden
STOP swearing and ur the funniest utuber in the world
Evelene Caseria
Evelene Caseria 9 timer siden
Skip 9 timer siden
spoiler, Dream lost 100.000 :(
Vaiga Pradeep
Vaiga Pradeep 9 timer siden
The biggest roast "Now listen here mate I ain't yo shit bitch" tommyinit_
Will Coote
Will Coote 10 timer siden
I hate that my last name is Coote
Kristoff Deaniel
Kristoff Deaniel 10 timer siden
frost fox fire
frost fox fire 10 timer siden
language my friend and i not me aand my friend but i still like you videos
Utkarsh Ahlawat
Utkarsh Ahlawat 14 timer siden
Techno is an idiots
NezukoChanPlayz chu
NezukoChanPlayz chu 20 timer siden
"girls have cooties" does that make me a Boy? i litterly have a steam account that has more zombie games on it than actual "normal' games?
YellowEllo 20 timer siden
I am convinced dream's sister has a crush on tommy lol
Awesome Tuscaloosa
Awesome Tuscaloosa 21 time siden
tittle: I spoke to dream’s Mom time tommy spent talking to dream’s more: less then 2 mins
Mohammad Memon
Mohammad Memon 21 time siden
I spoke to dream mom I spoke to sister
lilah 22 timer siden
If tommy had dreams voice....thats just the perfect dude
Thea Tran
Thea Tran 23 timer siden
I don’t have cooties
patrick Frederiksen
patrick Frederiksen 23 timer siden
Like the South park, Canada with Terrence and phillips i aint ur guy friend, i aint u friend buddy😂😂
Adnan Mandviwala
Adnan Mandviwala Dag siden
Emilyn Cantuba
Emilyn Cantuba Dag siden
OMG 😂😂😂😂😭😭 dream really said to Niki. 'f*CK you Niki's dream whyyyy 🙂
bruh Dag siden
Hey Look. 17:02 *Sad Punz.*
olav Kvikne
olav Kvikne Dag siden
Ilan Maayan Blitz
Ilan Maayan Blitz Dag siden
is dreams real same clay?
Flooftart4life Dag siden
"𝗚𝗶𝗿𝗹𝘀 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗰𝗼𝗼𝘁𝗶𝗲𝘀“ Mᴇ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ғᴏʀ ʏᴇᴀʀᴢ ɴᴏᴡ:WELL THATS JUST-
xxjay 2
xxjay 2 Dag siden
me have my sis wtaching this *when dream says girls have cooties* says to my sis get the fuck away form me
Estella Monguea
Estella Monguea Dag siden
Excuse me sir! Girls do not have cooties If anything boys do!
Nazario Chave
Nazario Chave Dag siden
0:41 bruh big D XD
Christina Hmingthangsang
Christina Hmingthangsang Dag siden
I love you dream
Christina Hmingthangsang
Christina Hmingthangsang Dag siden
I love you Drian
Christina Hmingthangsang
Christina Hmingthangsang Dag siden
charina lopez
charina lopez Dag siden
I love draem just a bitbest
charina lopez
charina lopez Dag siden
Tommyinnit is da best
charina lopez
charina lopez Dag siden
Dreams is a noob
mcyt yes please
mcyt yes please Dag siden
vincent Gerat
vincent Gerat Dag siden
I knew that you both where 5% friends
Sarah Pangelinan
Sarah Pangelinan Dag siden
Tommy: What are cooties dream? Dream: Girls have them Me: WHAT DO YOU MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zay Clips
Zay Clips Dag siden
0:22 is nobody gonna question that wap was in Tommy's recommendations, AND HE WATCHED SOME OF IT He's 16
Nicholas Anderson
Nicholas Anderson Dag siden
Lol I’m suping
☁︎︎ dreamy gxcha ☁︎︎
☁︎︎ dreamy gxcha ☁︎︎ Dag siden
Dream:Gimme an example Tommy:He stole 100k from you
Aila Smlatic
Aila Smlatic Dag siden
When I heard dream say I kill people I was so confused
Sophia Swirly
Sophia Swirly Dag siden
He is like Drista in this video
Aurangzeb Humayun
Aurangzeb Humayun Dag siden
Dream lose in the battle against technoblade in this video he thought he would win .☺🤣🤣
Aleczander Baltazar
Aleczander Baltazar Dag siden
Omg it’s you
Walker Silverthorne
Walker Silverthorne 2 dager siden
dream stans but they call themselves clay stans: CALL HIM CLAY
♥︎Bakugouswifey♥︎ 2 dager siden
Rude, girls don’t have cooties 😤😤😤😵‍💫
Ken YT
Ken YT 2 dager siden
Fuck it is 800 kb but for me is 800mb
Harin Puthiyadath
Harin Puthiyadath 2 dager siden
unicron girl omg
unicron girl omg 2 dager siden
lul mean: laugh ugly loud
Neikayla Neil
Neikayla Neil 2 dager siden
Dream: AM I OBNOXIOUS AM I OBNOXIOUS Tommy: YES I DO Dream: I have cooties Tommy: ew stay away what are the symptoms Dream: Obnoxiousness Tommy: is there a cure? Dream:Spanking Tommy: ..... Dream: A CHILD I MEAN FOR A CHILD Me: Oh. Oh ok. I thought wrong
DEMON 2 dager siden
There is a guy who found out who is dream and he has killed some one in real life😭😭😱😧that's why he is secured most people don't know who is dream and Tommy said that have you ever killed someone in real life and this is not even dreams real voice
-insert random name here -
-insert random name here - 2 dager siden
An only child! Not a lonely child! “There should be a race for lonely children!” “It’s lonely child, DW. *A lonely child is what you’ll be when I sell you.* “
Victor 2 dager siden
8:57 "we've got LULs in this chat" does anyone get the reference
Mason Bowers
Mason Bowers 2 dager siden
You know what's sad I could easily make that jump easily
Miracle Mullis
Miracle Mullis 2 dager siden
Dreams mom your voice is so 🦋🦋🦋🦋 pretty ❤️❤️❤️
Miracle Mullis
Miracle Mullis 2 dager siden
Who ships dream and goggy
Miracle Mullis
Miracle Mullis 2 dager siden
Maybe not dream
Miracle Mullis
Miracle Mullis 2 dager siden
Tommy your my favorite 💖
john paul acaso
john paul acaso 2 dager siden
Rudi Brown
Rudi Brown 3 dager siden
Tommy: cause I’m cool cause I’m…. SuBsCrIbErS Dream: …….
Hasnain Shazad
Hasnain Shazad 3 dager siden
Wowowowowo so me gooododododoodododododo
acromantulo tapias
acromantulo tapias 3 dager siden
"Be more like dream,he's nice" yeaaahhh.... xddd
♡Corpse♡ 3 dager siden
For the people who just wanted to see tommyinit talking to dreams mom it begins at 14:36
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace 3 dager siden
I just realized that dream sounds like fe4rless!
Alesandra Bogatinovic
Alesandra Bogatinovic 3 dager siden
British be like we need to see Lear
boyyo_s 3 dager siden
Is it just me or is it ok when lazarbeam swears but not tom
Qaylah Lynn
Qaylah Lynn 3 dager siden
Let Ayo den join the smp
Qaylah Lynn
Qaylah Lynn 3 dager siden
He has 300k subscribers
NexL 3 dager siden
9:53 is holy
MostEffectiveCure 3 dager siden
He spelt it with an o not a u lol fake bri’ish confirmed
ABSOLUTELY NOT 3 dager siden
I ain't yo s*** b***. -tommyinit
Priyanka Datta
Priyanka Datta 3 dager siden
valentine and shine
valentine and shine 3 dager siden
Girls don't only say they are cooties to boys also to other girl
Barbara Marta Niepieklo-Nowak
Barbara Marta Niepieklo-Nowak 3 dager siden
It doesnt make sense iam not doing work you are working you arr working on. Vids
Debby Jerue
Debby Jerue 3 dager siden
We all know that George is his first. No cap
Laini Enyeart
Laini Enyeart 3 dager siden
“How old is she?” “13… I think.”
BROOKLYN BELL 3 dager siden
Hi im a 9 year old hearing and watching tommy swear lol
Crafting Table Torres
Crafting Table Torres 3 dager siden
17:00 “it’s ONLY child DW, a lonely child is what you’re gonna be when I sell you”
Crafting Table Torres
Crafting Table Torres 3 dager siden
Sorry I had to do it
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 3 dager siden
Dream told tommy to spank him then tommy told dreamto take his shirt off...wat
dream: girls have cooties bro im a girl if i hear you saying girls have cooties im coming to find uou dream triggereddddddddddd because dream saying girls have cooties
• Olivia gacha •
• Olivia gacha • 3 dager siden
I got on this video faster than Adrian can say Marinette was "JuSt A fRiEnD"
Georgina Ganem
Georgina Ganem 15 timer siden
We got to be friends if u like mc and mlb
kick kill
kick kill 3 dager siden
I'm from Brazil learned English.
kick kill
kick kill 3 dager siden
Logan Kalbes Vlogs
Logan Kalbes Vlogs 3 dager siden
This is a voice changer
Joel Ohlsen
Joel Ohlsen 3 dager siden
When dream was talking about cooties I was like is this man in elementary school
ƘƳԼƖЄ 4 dager siden
When dream hung up as his mom left I got a missed call-
K Talbert
K Talbert 4 dager siden
My family calls me a disappointment
-*#Mr.phantom#*- 4 dager siden
Dream just turned into Stan/Stanley
KilgoreGamings 4 dager siden
Oh adult oh adult?
Sacred 4 dager siden
yes, Dream is subscribers...
Christopher Reilly
Christopher Reilly 4 dager siden
you should make a video i spoke to dreams dad
Matilde Orlando
Matilde Orlando 4 dager siden
I love this guy
MĪLKĪĪ 4 dager siden
When he said cooties My mind: search for what that is in my mind dictionary My dictionary: WTF ARE YOU SEARCHING !!!!!! It’s true many ppl in England don’t know what it is
Trvsted Roblox
Trvsted Roblox 4 dager siden
NightmareCrab 4 dager siden
17:02 I used to think as a kid, chilrden with no siblings are called lonely child XD
Drunk Venti
Drunk Venti 4 dager siden
He starts talking to dreams mum at 14:43 ish
Toga Sistre
Toga Sistre 4 dager siden
Dream has cooties and tommy does not I’m sorry if I spell your name wrong
Malachi Malia
Malachi Malia 4 dager siden
My names dream and i.... Subscriber's
Phoebe Smith
Phoebe Smith 4 dager siden
“It doesn’t mean you have to listen to her 🙄 I don’t listen to her 👹” 🤣🤣 it’s to funny
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