Minecraft's Dragon Morph Mod Is Very Funny

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Today TommyInnit, Wilbur Soot, Quackity & Philza have lots of fun with the Dragon Morph Mod in Minecraft. It was properly mental.
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Edited by Tommy + Big Man Editor Larry ( @TalentLacking )
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Today Me, Wilbur Soot, Quackity and Philza Minecraft install the Ender Dragon Morph Mod in Minecraft 1.16.4! Even though I had a Minecraft War with Dream on the Dream Team SMP Minecraft Server today Quackity went super small and he is just hilarious and we had lots of laughs. This was so fun, awesome, poggers and cool! This Minecraft Mod uses Ender Dragon Morphing which make the game so fun and cool but not Colorblind like GeorgeNotFound - thank god! I Love Minecraft fun.
The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever with New Funny Mods makes Minecraft 1.16.4 even funnier & hilarious! It is lots of fun and laughs :)
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my good friends playing the NEW FUNNIEST MINECRAFT MOD EVER!!! POG CHAMP!!!

TommyInnit 3 måneder siden
this video was age restricted & deleted but now it's BACK! if you've never seen it before, YOU'RE IN LUCK!!!!!!! if you have then i dont know what to tell you, its still good i suppose
Plus Ultra
Plus Ultra 8 dager siden
tescofinestt 14 dager siden
Christian B
Christian B Måned siden
Stevemmaahd Måned siden
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 2 måneder siden
buddy 5 timer siden
This reason is too god I watched it 4 times
Grace Not Found
Grace Not Found 6 timer siden
16:18 no context
Classic TailsStreams
Classic TailsStreams 6 timer siden
tommy: im *kinda* scared of the dragon. subtitles; *i'M sCaReD oF tHe DrAgOn*
MrForest Gaming
MrForest Gaming 12 timer siden
I like how quality spent 5 minutes talking about Burger King XD
MrForest Gaming
MrForest Gaming 12 timer siden
ALMOST 9 MILLLL!!!!!!!!!
Cantrample 13 timer siden
Dragon CU-*p a r i s h* 17:58
Sabastian Loi
Sabastian Loi 13 timer siden
18:05, the villager is very uncomfortable.
Cj Loneoak
Cj Loneoak 16 timer siden
So i saw this Tiktok and it said: "Tommy makes his cc colors to help people with ADHD or anxiety" "Sapnap is scared of loosing his friends, but Dream stayed" "Dream helps George with colors sometimes" "Bbh cried on hid birthday because people were calling him ugly" "Dreams ADHD causes him to make strange noises but George stays patient with him" "Wilbur got made fun of so he stopped eating for a while" And i cried...is this true?:
ZachreX 17 timer siden
I love how the Batman theme plays near the end when they’re battling the ender dragon
Mr.minorium 18 timer siden
Dream is to become a NOwindowr
Madison 23 timer siden
imagine having age restrictions on (/j)
Rice Wolf
Rice Wolf Dag siden
“They get it tattooed on they eye.”
bearuowwplayz Dag siden
Wilbur was so "Savage yea"
Jabberjaws9 plays 1465
Jabberjaws9 plays 1465 Dag siden
21:56 why the hell is there batman music in the backround
Storm_Gaming_ Dag siden
Wilbur: I must get my wife back Quackity: "Advertises Burger King coupons" Wilbur: Will you be my wife? Quackity: Yeah ok
Mohammad Shariqur Rahman
Mohammad Shariqur Rahman Dag siden
Join my server in 1.16.5
blitz god
blitz god Dag siden
Quacking is an idiot XD
Briad PotatoSoupGuy
Briad PotatoSoupGuy Dag siden
Phil: Playing the game Quackity : Talking about Burger King and Wendys whilst trying to please Wilbur's Wife. Tommy: Selling Wife Powder and doing acapella. Wilbur: MURDER!!!!!!!
Destiny Hernandez
Destiny Hernandez Dag siden
me trying to do the same thig what Quakity did 10:07
twigwitha face
twigwitha face Dag siden
Time stamp for me: 6:48
Jenny Torgerson
Jenny Torgerson Dag siden
To be honest quackity has his own language
addie s
addie s Dag siden
the fact that this got age restricted and taken down ✋😭💀
I’m just here
I’m just here Dag siden
Tommy and Philza: **actually playing the game** Quackity: *I'M A WIFE PLEASER*
Redacted Dag siden
Lesson learned: Dont let Quackity in videos unless you wanna be age restricted
Ravenclaw Dag siden
I love how philza is actually playing the game how its supposed to be played and tommy quackity are just messing around
Katielovably Dag siden
Why is Will go real deep into relationships?
Gabriel Massengale
Gabriel Massengale Dag siden
Tommy: has iron tools and gets Stone Age Me: wait that’s illegal
BigBuilderBen Dag siden
I'm sorry but at 21:59 PHILZA HAS 60 AXES IN A STACK
Agne Dag siden
no way this is from jan
Pumpuliii :P
Pumpuliii :P Dag siden
I love how in the end in the background you can hear batman music🤣
Vleb Blev
Vleb Blev Dag siden
20:51 Just realized that Phil have 62 diamond axe
North the1
North the1 Dag siden
10:07 is quackity singing
Welcome to the Music club
Welcome to the Music club 2 dager siden
LIVVY READ 2 dager siden
Wilbur: " My valentines day was good I played Halo 3 and she cried"
Sydnee McDermand
Sydnee McDermand 2 dager siden
This should not be funny
꧁Cats lol꧂シUnkxwn Girłシ
꧁Cats lol꧂シUnkxwn Girłシ 2 dager siden
5M? You mean 9M right????
* Feather . Fluff *
* Feather . Fluff * 2 dager siden
8:07• 😂 •8:14 ( 1 ) 11:45 ( 1 )
Squishy 2 dager siden
I almost forgot to watch this today.
Lydiaaa 2 dager siden
a lot of those views are mine from watching this when I have a bad day
Nezuko anime c:
Nezuko anime c: 2 dager siden
tommy can you tell big q if you see this that im only 10 years old cause yeah-
Dimentionrush 2 dager siden
Quackity: leave her alone! *dies*
i ii_ash_ii
i ii_ash_ii 2 dager siden
Masterchief 101
Masterchief 101 2 dager siden
Are we gonna talk about how in the final boss fight they use LEGO Batman music
Man Himself
Man Himself 2 dager siden
The nostalgia
SlowedPlatinum 2 dager siden
9 mil subs*
Jesiel Frejoles Mamaling
Jesiel Frejoles Mamaling 2 dager siden
TheDoritoGaming 2 dager siden
i thought niachu wilbur's wife
Dareen Dumadag
Dareen Dumadag 2 dager siden
Makarel Sardines
Makarel Sardines 2 dager siden
2:17 I accidentally clicked on the 0.25x speed... absolutely hilarious.
Sea Forest
Sea Forest 2 dager siden
Philz’s getting mad at children and older child? Noooo
;-; Santos
;-; Santos 2 dager siden
Anyone gonna talk about the phil has 60 diamonds
Radish Gaming
Radish Gaming 3 dager siden
19:57 this is adorable for me for some reason
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 3 dager siden
At 20:51 why does Phil have 62 axes??
Brenna Noelle
Brenna Noelle 3 dager siden
Lmao the end 😭👏👏👏👏
Henny Agustin
Henny Agustin 3 dager siden
Every time tommy MLG water is always fail
Bertiana Puspita
Bertiana Puspita 3 dager siden
Dragon/wilbur:I HAVE TO FIND MY FUCKING WIFE tommy:what is your wife name Dragon/wilbur:MY FUCKING WIFE me:ohh so your wife name is my fucking wife
SunniRays 3 dager siden
Intense fight for the win of the game. me: LEGO BATMAN MUSICCCCCCC
Damian García
Damian García 3 dager siden
Michael DeCicco
Michael DeCicco 3 dager siden
7:25 When you spam talk to the npc
Harriet Fuller
Harriet Fuller 3 dager siden
Mexican dream is back
Hexic Khan
Hexic Khan 3 dager siden
20:39 why is the Batman 1989 theme playing 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
E D D 3 dager siden
Wilbur:It’s BLEEEEP ti- Quackity was slained by dragon.
lemonpeaches 3 dager siden
"He's a human and you're a dragon, it makes no sense!" Not if Donkey has anything to say about it
BEYXLES BEAT 3 dager siden
6:37 me when my teacher ask me to show the homework
Sᴏғᴛ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ
Sᴏғᴛ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ 3 dager siden
Is it bad that I played this video infront of my parents
CJJUSTSHATAP 3 dager siden
Fluffy Y.T
Fluffy Y.T 3 dager siden
*Ash The Weirdo*
*Ash The Weirdo* 3 dager siden
Names went back and forth. Dragon 1st name: Dragon. Wife's name: my F*CKING wife Dragon 2nd name: Dragzo Wife's 2nd name: Dragzorina Dragon's 3rd name: Keith Smith. Wife's 3rd name: Keithette
Amy Brockman
Amy Brockman 3 dager siden
What’s the world I’d numbers for this world?
Martin Haugen
Martin Haugen 3 dager siden
Burp Tommathy is cool boi
nx_idea 4 dager siden
Is it me or is Philza getting caught in the cross fire
kerwin anama
kerwin anama 4 dager siden
Tommy once said “dragon kill jesus” i was shocked and i know tommy was going to hell
BigDaddyBrownSugarFriesAndMilkshake 4 dager siden
No one gonna talk about that Lego Batman music at the end.
Erin Macdonald
Erin Macdonald 4 dager siden
now you need to be the dragon!! that would be amazing!!!!
Ice Cream Kingston
Ice Cream Kingston 4 dager siden
I was going to say some thing but I forgot
Casandra Lee
Casandra Lee 4 dager siden
Wilbur soot is loggers
slummy Play
slummy Play 4 dager siden
Tommy:most woman fell in love it me Me:most of the boy love me cause im gay ♡😂
slummy Play
slummy Play 4 dager siden
Tommy:most woman fell in love it me Me:most of the boy love me cause im gay ♡😂
Simp Knight
Simp Knight 4 dager siden
tommy : sorry but we have to kill your wife Quackity : your wifes gunna die!!!!!!
AdrianYT 4 dager siden
I can't stop laughing
Hydra 4 dager siden
20:51 nice 63 diamond axes you have there phil
Rxth _Vibez
Rxth _Vibez 4 dager siden
What’s your wife’s name? Wilbur : My FUCKING wife!
Jaden Roopnarine
Jaden Roopnarine 4 dager siden
Out of all of them why would they make Wilbur the dragon
Toby Rightenger
Toby Rightenger 4 dager siden
This is an AU from the surgery mod, where Dr.Malpractice fully turned into the ender dragon Keith
Mozkxnni 4 dager siden
6:37 Hearing Wilbur laugh in deep is scary
Noodle Occasionally Exists
Noodle Occasionally Exists 4 dager siden
"We made it so my friend Wilbur LITERALLY IS DEAD!"
Crysw 4 dager siden
Someone should make a tv show based off of this
your local dumbass
your local dumbass 4 dager siden
7:18 - 7:28 *me everyday in school*
Oliver Milmine
Oliver Milmine 4 dager siden
Dark Master779
Dark Master779 4 dager siden
The Lego Batman music is perfect in the background
Psycho 4 dager siden
20:51 nice 62 diamond axes,Phil
Cut3 Cat
Cut3 Cat 4 dager siden
RexuBlux :D
RexuBlux :D 4 dager siden
Almost 4 million subs in 2 months . . .
Connor Malley
Connor Malley 4 dager siden
Lyndia Vellekoop
Lyndia Vellekoop 4 dager siden
20:51 Phil have causely 62 diamond axe’s
Matt Garnica
Matt Garnica 4 dager siden
I just watch your vid and its super hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
HUFFLE BUDDY 4 dager siden
"ladies beware u ate what u hate"
ItsUnpug 4 dager siden
Campfire song song, wonderful
The Gacha Crew :3
The Gacha Crew :3 4 dager siden
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